The Story Behind the Brand



Tati, Astrology, Tarot, Self Growth, Self Care, Art

Moon Sign Creative is an astrology and art brand designed to spark introspection, reflection, and conversation. Our focus is to uplift our community's voices. 

Most people know what their zodiac sun sign is (i.e., those horoscopes you’ll find in the back of a magazine). But when you begin to explore the deeper parts of yourself through astrology, you may learn about your moon sign, which is where we got our name. 

Your moon sign represents where the moon was positioned in the sky at the time you were born, and is attributed to your inner self, emotions, and feelings. Your moon sign works in the background and represents a side of yourself that may not usually be seen. (Sorry, Scorpio, we see right through you.)

Moon Sign Supplies was launched in 2019 by Tati Petkovic, a Toronto-based Creative Director, Artist and student Astrologer. This initiative was inspired by Tati’s love for astrology and its ability to create more community and connection within the creative sector. Moon Sign Supplies has rebranded to Moon Sign Creative in 2020. To work with Tati, click here.

Tati is a mental health advocate, and donates 10% of profit from Moon Sign Creative to counseling services in Toronto. This year she will be donating to Family Service Toronto to their counseling program.



Check out the Moon Sign Insight Youtube channel to learn more about your zodiac sign, tarot, wellness and self growth!