Amanda Hansen

Scorpio Sun/Aries Moon/Cancer Rising

Amanda is a self-taught Astrology student. As a child, Amanda was always curious to know the zodiac signs of her friends and the people around her, inherently knowing that it would give her a deeper understanding of those she cared for. She began to study astrology on a much deeper level 4 years ago - using various books, podcasts and attending workshops with professional astrologers including Astrology University, Aliza Kelly, and the Astro Twins. Amanda is very compassionate and enjoys helping others. She uses astrology to help others learn more about themselves and feel validated for who they are as individuals.

Kim Eberhard

Sagittarius Sun/Sagittarius Moon/Aquarius Rising

Kim is a student Astrologer, empath, and intuitive who is studying astrology at Kepler College, as well as with astrologer Jodi King. Kim’s passion for astrology started at a young age and was reignited after the birth of her son five years ago. Kim’s focus is on transit and natal chart readings. Additionally, she focuses on the lunar nodes to help others see where their future destinies may lie. She feels that a person’s chart is their roadmap to life, and when used, the twists and turns emerge as lessons and growth.

Valerie with Llamada

Aries Sun / Gemini Moon / Taurus Rising

Valerie is a Tarot Reader and Energy Healer. She can help guide you to the answers you are currently seeking. Her readings offer in-depth insight into your situation. With the wisdom of Tarot, her abilities can help bring forth answers and healing so you can move forward with purpose.

Tati Petkovic

Leo Sun/Cancer Moon/Libra Rising

Tati is the Founder of Moon Sign Supplies, a Creative Director, a student Astrologer and Tarot Reader. She has studied within the Constellation Club by Aliza Kelly, courses with Nadiya Shah, and has researched with various books, podcasts and workshops. She offers free general tarot readings on her Youtube Channel, Moon Sign Supplies. She uses astrology and tarot to help others become more self aware so they are able to step more into their authentic selves.

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