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UPLEVEL YOUR BUSINESS through Community Support!

I'm excited to announce the MOON SIGN BUSINESS MASTERMIND Program is HERE!

This program is for Reflection Members on the Moon Sign Creative Patreon Community and above. Our members in the BETA program are raving about these sessions that helped them get the business support they need every week, so much so that I knew I had to continue! 

What Members have said with only 2 months of the sessions:

"I attended the Business Mastermind and really enjoyed the community aspect and learning from so many other dope independent creatives. I found our book club to be a great resource of learning about different points of view and the inspiration I got from our meetings helped me level up my business. Thank you Tati, I’m grateful for the opportunity." - Janel Lucia

"Tati’s Business Mastermind group has been an integral piece in building my own confidence in my small business. As a one person business it has been so lovely to connect in an intimate group with other folks who I can share my experiences with. Tati is an absolutely wonderful space creator and holder, and the sessions leave me feeling connected, inspired, seen & empowered. Tati creates a safe and inviting space for vulnerability. To openly discuss what is working and what is not- in my own business and tarot practice- has made me more accountable to myself, and feel more safe and supported throughout the process of figuring thighs out! The growth I have seen in myself and everyone in the community is so incredible. I honestly cannot recommend the Business Mastermind Community enough!" - Dakota Tollefson


Using my almost 10 years of growing my freelance Graphic Design practice, as well as my experience as an Educator, I wanted to facilitate community support to help you grow your businesses.

I truly believe in the value of this program. I've noticed the more I've invested specifically for my business in the past, the more I would receive long-term. I would usually spend around $700/800 per month on a mastermind, and knew I wanted to facilitate one in the future for those just starting out their practice.

With this new program, you will be getting 3 monthly group meetings! We will share feedback with one another and provide insight on not only growth tips, but money mindset and creating better work habits. 

We'll also be reading Atomic Habits by James Clear for this month, and discussing ideas to better our daily lives throughout the month.

Understanding your Business Birth Charts

Saturday March 13th at 12pm EST
The first session we will spend some time looking at each of our Business Birth Charts, to understand how to best utilize the unique energy of our businesses. This will be a series, and we'll come back to our own personal charts and our business birth charts throughout the support sessions.

A Brand Audit
Saturday March 20th at 12pm EST

We will be doing brand audits and going through each person's website and online presence to receive feedback on how to improve our User Experience, as well as messaging.

Content Brainstorm for April
Saturday March 27th at 12pm EST
We'll be spending most of this session to brainstorm and organize our creative social media content, as well as creative projects content for April! This is a great way to get organized for the month ahead, and ask others for their opinions of your ideas.

You will also be invited to a private group chat to share tips and info on bettering your money mindset, and everything we discuss through the program.

In the span of 6 months of this program, you'll start seeing amazing growth results within yourself and your business. I've seen this happen not only in the classes I've taught, but business masterminds I've attended myself. 


To register for the business support meetings, sign up for the $150 Reflection membership on the Moon Sign Creative Patreon.


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