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Revisions of the Moon Poetry Book Pre-order

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ROTM2 from Tatjana Petkovic on Vimeo. 

Revisions of the Moon is a poetry book touching on the topics of love, loss, identity, death, trauma, grief, and growth.

The book is organized into six chapters, which represent six of the moon phases. The sections emphasize the six phases including chaos, beginnings, challenge, clarity, communication, and growth. Our lives, like the moon phases, are always changing, and we go through similar cycles as we constantly strive for progress.

As you read through each chapter, you are guided to learn that after chaos and confusion comes light and clarity. There is always time to reflect and create change. As we go through life, we experience revisions of identity, revisions of memory, revisions of love, and revisions of growth.

Tati is an artist who has creates art, photography, interactive installations and designs books and writes poetry. She is a Leo Sun, Libra Rising and Cancer Moon. Her astrological perspective influences her poetry and her design work.

Author Bio
In 2014, Tati obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design from OCAD University, and in 2018, her Master’s Degree in Digital Media from Ryerson University. She is the Creative Director of Tatjana Petkovic Design and Moon Sign Supplies, as well as, a Sessional Instructor at OCAD University.

After facing the death of her father at age eleven, Tati has learned not to take life for granted and to pursue what she truly loves. She is always determined to trust and appreciate the process. She hopes to make others feel less alone in their heartbreaks and personal journeys of self.

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Product is shipped in March 2021 from Toronto, Canada.