Scorpio Energy Tote
Scorpio Energy Tote
Scorpio Energy Tote

Scorpio Energy Tote

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Mysterious Scorpio, sometimes you can get washed away with your emotions, but that's not necessarily a bad thing! You see what others may miss, and seek out truth and intimacy on the regular. Your strength lies within your intuition and need for transformation.

Being a water sign, the waves represent the blue abyss of your emotions and journey through life. Explore the depth of your subconscious, and your presence will shine with authenticity and magnetism.

Basic Tote Features:

  • Vibrant printed canvas: 100% polyester textured canvas shell withstands everyday use while looking great. Soft, durable material.
  • Washable! Unlike most totes, our bags are able to go into the washer and dryer, and preserve the colour and print!
  • Gusset for extra space! Fits a 15 inch Macbook Pro easily.