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"I have been a member of Moon Sign Creative Community since it launched, and I feel so lucky to be a patron of the brand!  Tati is an amazing resource and is always thoughtfully creating new opportunities for community members to engage with each other and expand their horizons in creative ways.  As a Moon Sign Supplies patron, I have attended workshops including Creating Your Own Tarot Deck and The Art of Transits, and have been able to watch other events that couldn't attend on replay.  These events are excellent opportunities to connect with other community members, recognize your strengths, and gain insight into your future goals.  Tati does an excellent job of creating a safe, inviting, and supportive space to learn and make friends along the way.  I highly recommend joining this community!"

Laura C

"My favorite thing about being a part of Moon Sign Creative Community Patreon, is that it is such a supportive & loving community. As a designer and artist, I’m always thrilled during workshops where we get to create magickal & witchy artwork with such a creative and artistic coven."

Amanda Basha

"Moon Sign Creative Patreon Community is a great place for astrology and tarot enthusiasts. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, the intimate collective meets twice a month. We discuss everyone’s transits and each event is accompanied by an art therapy activity. Don’t worry if you’re not an artist, the exercises are a great release for any pent up emotions. These virtual meetings have been very helpful, since reading a general monthly horoscope online may not provide everyone with enough information on how the planets will affect them personally. There’s also a discord for the group where we can continue the conversation and it’s available 24/7."



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Mental Health Awareness


By supporting Moon Sign Creative, you are supporting a local, women-run business that donates 10% of their profit to Mental Health organizations in Toronto. This year the donation will go towards Family Service Toronto for their counseling services.